Monday, April 25, 2011

Aprile 26, 2011 - Time for a serious change.

I started this blog a few months ago, and had some good momentum for the first few weeks, then like every other time in my weight loss attempt history, the hype, slowly faded away.

What is the problem.  I wish I could answer that with a honest genuine answer, but I can't.

So, tomorrow morning, the challenge begins promises though.  Tomorrow is a special day for me as I just started 4 month contract with the Government and I will be working set hours, Monday to Friday, days.  I haven't had a set schedule like that in years, so I am hoping that the 10 hours a day work is occupying my life, it will give me less time to eat bad foods.  Well thats the plan anyways.

Tomorrow I got all my tools ready to bring me success.  I went to do my groceries today, loaded up with fruits and veggies.  I got my protein shake powder ready as well.  I bought some products from Visalus this past month and finally tomorrow I get to use the Visalus shakes as a tool in my weight loss.  I got my gym close ready in my bag, so I can head there right after really I am all set.

I am not going to think negatively, I am just going to go bout my day and do the best I can to stay motivated.

One thing I decided to do is take a break from my personal life.  Meaning friends and socializing.  Cause I am working for a department of the government where you are not allowed to access email, cell phone or internet, I am going to be without contact for almost 10 hours a day.  I figure this is a good time to just go the full mile, do my own thing an take a break from everyone..i am sure everyone can use a break from me too, lol.

For the next few months, I am going to concentrate solely on myself.  I just don't want to be bothered by whats going on in people lives...cause no offense, nothing can be more serious than the battle I am going through and maybe if i just concentrate on that, I can pick up my social life again one day, Healthy.

I think I might have mentioned this before in a recent blog, but I created my own meal plan sort of speak.  I called it for now, the Power of Five Meal Plan.

It consists of
5 meals a day, check canada's food guide for a nice balanced meal.
5 sources of protein at each meal
5 fruits and veggies a day, combined
5 bottles of water a day
5 workout sessions a week
5 cheat meals a month, optional

I am going to play around with this for a bit, alter where I have too and document my progress on it..maybe i am on to something.

Most of my meals with be the same anyways...i pretty much eat the same stuff every day.

My problem is this....each and every day, i eat well in part..extremely well..i eat fruits, veggies, lean meats, fish, protein shakes and i usually split it over 4 or 5 meals a day....the only problem is this...after eating healthy all day...i go out and ruin it with one bad meal at a restaurant or fast food..pretty much doubling my daily input with one horrible meal..that has got to stop and i am hoping less contact with my friends for now, will help me do that....

wish me luck

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Feeling better - weigh in this week

This week has been a very interesting week.  I have been doing really well with my eating (except super bowl night).  I thought for sure I still lost some weight.

I went to Dr Bishops office the other day and weighed myself and I was exactly the same weight was I was the week earlier.  To be honest with you, I was a bit in shock.

Dr explained to me a few things that made a lot of sense and made me feel a bit better.  I weighed in at 498 which is 12 pounds from my original weigh in when i started the blog.  Dr Bishop explained to me that I was most liked having water shift around in my body and that the food i was eating was most likely firming up my body as i was losing body fat.  So instead of losing weight in number I am actually toning up somewhat.  To prove this theory the Doctor took my measurments in the office that day and I was overall 2 inches smaller than when i first started...which is equivelant to about 20 pounds lost..which is exactly where I want to be.

This did make me feel a bit better only cause I agreed it to be true. 

I still need to keep going and step it up cause I do want the weight to drop and I am finding it really hard.

I have started and I have been keeping up with the treadmill.  I try and do it each day or at least every other day. 

Not too sure how many more posts I will do, as I will be away for a month starting next week.  I will try and get a final weigh before I leave and post it.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Weigh in Day - Creation of Power of Five Meal Plan

Not a nice day out there today, but luckily I had a few appointments this morning and was able to swing  by Dr. Bishop's office and weigh in. 

Today I weighed in at 498 pounds.  Another 5 pounds this week.  The 500's are gone and good riddance.  500 club is in the rear view mirror now.  I am never wanting to enter that territory again.  If I continue on the path I am on now, and up my exercise every week, as my weight drops, I will soon put the 400's in my rear view mirror as well.  I may sound confident, but deep down I am not.  I know this is going to take hard word, lots of will power and the help from family and friends to help me stay on course.

I appreciate all my close friends who are guding me through this each day whether its my asking me how my day is going or just sitting there and listening to me babble on about healthy lifestyle I am trying to maintain.

I am happy with the way things are going and what is really impressing me is that each day I am trying to figure out more effective ways of dropping the weight, and all by doing this naturally by eating and exercise.

Our body's are made to move.  So thats what I am trying to do more.  I even moved my bedroom down to the basement of my house, which allows me to go up and down the stairs at last 10 times a day more.  Each bit helps and I know this now.

For fun, I created a healthy lifestyle meal plan that has been working for me.  I call is the Power of Five Meal and Exercise Plan.   It's catchy to me cause everything evolves around the the number 5.

5 meals a day
5 sources of protein a day, basically some protein with each meal
5 fruits and vegetebales a day, minimum, more veggies if you would like
5 bottles of water a day, minimum
5 exercise sessions per week, minimum
5 cheat meals a month, but only if you have more than that though, and remember its 5 meals, not 5 days of cheating per month.

This is just a base of course, there are plenty of other things that are involved in eating such as good fats and calcium.

This little plan I try and follow is not sponsored by any doctor or anything, but it seems to be working for me.  Each person is different of course.  I am trying to consume at least 2500 Calories a day.  So basically I am eating between 400 and 600 calories per meal.  Which for now is ok, for me.

Thanks for reading my blog...I am enjoying writing them and I appreciate the support.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Journey Continues: Another Good Week

I am really looking forward to this weeks weigh in.  Curioius to see if my healthy lifestyle changes are making the difference I need to drop the weight.

This week, I purchased a membership at a local fitness place here in Barhaven.  This place is great.  I have 24hour access to the facility and its only a few blocks away.  It was very affordable and I can stop the contract at any time without any penalty's.  And it sure beats spending 3000$ on a decent treadmill.

I was kinda dissapointed with my weight loss last week, and maybe that was a good thing, cause it keep me thinking on how I can improve each week.  7 pounds was a good start, but in the past the first 2 weeks, the weight always dropped so dramatically.  I think this time around is different for many reasons.  The main reason is my exercise.  I have been going to the pool for almost a year now on a consistant basis but never backed that up with healthy eating.  I am thinking that although the pool is great and makes me feel good, my body has become adapted to this workout and I have kind of plateaud.

This week and from here on out I have added the treadmill to my exercise.  So far, I have went twice since this past Friday, but its not easy for me as I can't do more than 10 minutes for now.  I am not too concerned cause as long as I keep it up I will be doing half and hour non stop in no time and then the pounds should melt away much quicker.  Just what I need, the extra shock to my body to help me with weight loss.

My eating has been pretty much perfect.  This weekend I did add a small whole grain Pita to my diet and made a sandwich for one of my meals.  I added a lot of veggies and lean meat to the sandwich.  It was great and the calorie count on the sandwich was under 450.  Perfect for a smaller size meal.

I am looking forward to Wednesday when I weight in next and I will post something again then.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Weigh In Today - 7 pounds Lost

Today I went to get weighed in at Dr Bishops office here in Ottawa.  I topped the scale at 503 pounds.  A total weight loss of 7 pounds since I got last got weighed on January 19. 

I have kinda mixed emotions about this weeks weight loss.  On one hand I am really happy that I dropped 1 pound a day on average for this week.  On the other hand, I want to know what I can do more to drop some more weight.

This past week, I have eaten amazing.  On average I am eating two salads a day, with at least 1 protein shake a day, plus an egg white omelette each day.  I haven't really measured my calories to be precise but to estimate, I am puttig in about 2500 Calories a day into my body, and I am fine with this.

I have been going to the pool each day as well.  I missed only one day this week, and that was on Jan 21.  So 6 days of being in the pool combined with a great eating week, I expected more weight to come off..  I think I figured out why.  I have been going to the pool for a very long time, and I think my body has been adapting to my time in the pool and in turn, I am not getting the full effect as I should be.  What I need to do now, this week, is stun my body with some other type of exercise and still keep going to the pool.

I am not sure as of this second what exercise that will be, but I will note it on my next blog.  I am contemplating walking, exercise bike or renting out a gymnasium with some friends a few times a week and just going to shoot some baskets or play badminton.  Something needs to be added for me to maximize my weight loss.  I am eating so well right now...this is the perfect opportunity to add something else to my workout regime.

Talk soon, will post something on the weekend.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Week 1 - Done

Week 1 is finally over.  My new journey was in my head for the last few months but didn't really get moving till last Monday, Jan 17.  This week has been totally amazing, I couldn't have asked for anything better in terms of eating healthy and exercising daily.

I really enjoy what I am eating and the motivation this time around feels more real.  All the other time in my life that I have tried to lose weight, I was doing it for the right reason, but my overall health was never my main factor.  This time it is.

Things are so much different this time around.  I am on 3 medications right now.  Have been for the last 2 years.  2 blood pressure pills and 1 cholesterol.  Also in September of 2009 I had a situation with my heart, called Atrial Fibrillation.  Alghouth it was not life threatening, it did require attention to the emergency room and I had to be put under and have my heart re shocked back into rythym.  Scary stuff.

From what I have been told by my doctor and a Cardiologist, losing weight will more than likely eliminate any issues that have arised in my life health wise.  Signifacant weight loss will be key in me eliminating my blood pressure and cholesterol pills and the likelyhood of Atrial Fibrillation to ever come back.

Well I am going to weight mysefl in 2 days.  That will be one week since my last weigh in at 510.  Wish me luck.  I am sure its going to be a great result.  I am happy, confident with what I have done and how I feel right now.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

First weekend on the 2011 Weight Loss Mission

This weekend is shaping up to be pretty good.  I have been able to stick to a complete healthy meal pattern and so far so good...haven't fallen off the wagon.

I can honestly say that the last 6 days, I have never eaten so healthy.  I am even amazing myself right now.  I have gone to the pool 5 days this week and plan on finishing the week off tomorrow morning with one more appointment in the swimming pool.

I am already starting to feel better, and thats a good thing, cause prior to this week..I had been feeling like crap everyday.  I guess the saying is are what you eat, and if you eat healthy you will feel healthy.

I have been really good with my meals too.  I hope I don't get too bored of them, but I am pretty much eating the same things each day. 

Every morning I start off with an mushroom omelette, with a fruit or two.  Then during the course of the day I end up eating two salads with some kinds of lean protein, whether it be in chicken or fish...and I have at least one protein shake a day.  If I find myself feeling a bit hungry, I will usually add another protein shake to my meal plan.  My fave snack that I find I enjoy a lot are grape tomatoes and mushrooms and I eat them with Hummus.  I am loving this so far and I hope I don't start getting bored with my food.

One thing I have identified to be a huge killer for me are restaurants or any type of take out.  I have declined invitation all week to go out and eat or drink.  For the time being, I will try my best to avoid any type of food that is not made by my own hands.  I feel this will be key to my success.  I know a lot of people thing that going to restaurants and such are ok, as long as you eat healthy but over the course of my life, I have obviously haven't been able to stick to eating healthy all the time when I eat I just have to cut it out for now.  Someday I guess I will add eating out at restaurants again to my life..but for now..staying away.

Talk soon